Executive Hire

Every successful business needs a strong executive team. Your leaders need to embody your values and drive your mission. Getting this wrong can be a costly mistake, not just to your bottom line, but to your staff retention. The senior management need to have your team on board if the business is going to navigate any downturns and make the most of the good times.

Executive Hire in a nutshell
Executive Hire ensures the people you place in charge of running your business have the experience and expertise to achieve your goals. This ranges from CEOs to senior operational, strategic and divisional leaders such as Chief Technology Officers, Chief Product Officers and Commercial Directors. We’ll ensure that the senior management you hire live and breathe your values, cultivating a positive and inclusive culture and arrive with a track record that guarantees success.
Is Executive Hire the right solution for your needs?

Executive Hire will likely be the best solution for clients who:

  • Need to build out a leadership team following funding or launch of a new venture
  • Want to make a one-off strategic hire as the business grows or need to replace a leaver
  • Have a Founder or CEO who has found themselves wearing too many hats and needs proven expertise to lighten their load and drive the business forward

If this isn’t you and you need to hire talent that makes your leadership team shine, check out our Team Hire solution.

The benefits of Executive Hire
  • Expertise – From day one, we’ve held a strong track-record of identifying and securing executive and senior appointments for our clients
  • Company fit – Our bespoke Culture Report ensures you hire leaders who share your values and will help you foster a positive and inclusive culture
  • Competitive edge – a targeted, professional, and discreet approach to secure key talent within your industry that ensures quick results without upsetting the competition
  • Budget friendly – Competitively placed and structured with startups in mind

Case study

Executive Hire

A recently funded FinTech needed to make several appointments to their executive board and we were approached to help because of our focus on the startup space. We conducted a paid advertising campaign along with internal advertising to our own network and carrying out a targeted search. Consequently, we were able to help the client meet a strict deadline for each of the appointments as well as providing a flexible payment plan to work with their funding date.

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