Supporting FinTech

Our clients range from early stage startups to scaling FinTech businesses, from Seed to Series C and beyond, throughout the UK and Europe. They help support customers in areas as diverse as insurance, financing, investments, proptech and payments. Working in the industry since 2016, we’ve built a strong talent network across FinTech 100 companies and exciting newcomers. 


CV’s sent to clients are interviewed

24 hrs

time to fill contract roles

10 days

time to fill perm roles


CV’s sent to clients are interviewed

24 hrs
time to fill contract roles
10 days
time to fill perm roles
FinTech client interview
Ensuring your expertise

Focusing on the startup space, we provide businesses with talent that’s best matched to their needs. The candidates we represent are used to working in agile and, at times, uncertain environments and relish such opportunities. We help our clients quickly identify and secure the people who will take their business to the next level. Whatever your niche, we’ll ensure the people you hire have the expertise you need.

Building teams for the future

If you want to build award-winning teams you need to have a culture that’s right for everyone. We have the tools in place to review this with you and ensure that you get it right when hiring. We work with our clients to understand how new hires will either enrich their company culture or drive the change they may be looking for. Whether it’s already nailed down or yet to be defined, we’ll help you with this as part of the recruitment process.

Financial technology team

One of the team

Understanding your business

With a background in placing c-level executives in both the private and public sector, we have the skills required to identify the future leaders you need and make approaches that may be too sensitive for your team to do in-house.

We encourage our clients to think about their values and cultural fit, as well as the necessary experience and track record of the people they’re looking to hire. This helps us ensure we’re making the right introductions for everyone.  So whether you’re looking for a Managing Director or CEO to take your business to the next level, a CTO to lead on transformation,  or someone to head up your commercial or product function, we’ll perform a search that is efficient and yields positive results


What our clients say about us
I worked with Wilson Grey to place a contract role at short notice on two occasions and they were excellent. They made sure to understand the role and worked tirelessly to present suitable CVs, sometimes working over the weekend to ensure I had a list of good candidates to screen. Both times, all the candidates that got through to interview were suitable for the role and once placed, turned out to be excellent. Wilson Grey have great follow-up as well, keeping in regular contact throughout the contract period. I will definitely use them in future when the need arises.
Senior Director
MedTech consultancy
My experience with Wilson Grey has been great. After being quite specific with my requirements I received an amazing, well advised list of potential candidates to choose from, and subsequently took on a great freelancer who has fitted into the team very well. Thank you so much. I will definitely be coming back when we need more new team members!
Creative Director
Pharma consultancy
Wilson Grey really took the time to stop and listen & promptly delivered a shortlist of spot-on candidates. The candidate of theirs we appointed has outperformed expectations, delivering instant value in our marketing department.
Chief Operating Officer
FinTech payments startup
I've worked with Wilson Grey on a couple senior roles now and it's been a real pleasure. Before understanding the ins and outs of the role, they have always made it their priority to understand the culture of our business first, which as a scaling company, is paramount. All feedback/guidance is always listened to with open ears, which ensures that each candidate sent through is excellent and a great fit. The process is also brilliant - constant communication means we never feel in the dark. It often feels as though Wilson Grey are simply an extension of our hiring team.
Operations Director
Series B, SaaS scale-up
Wilson Grey were able to deliver highly qualified candidates without even having a brief from us. They brought us spot on, genuinely wonderful people and were professional and responsive throughout their entire process. Highly recommended!
Recruitment Manager
Global HealthTech
Wilson Grey was one of the most effective recruitment experiences I’ve ever had. From first contact to hire in two weeks! And a top candidate.
CEO & Co-Founder
I trust Wilson Grey fully. I totally appreciate the quality of candidates and their approach and am really happy to be working together!
Senior Product Manager
Thalamos is trying to deliver an entirely new solution to a market previously underserved by technology. To achieve this, we need best in class client support. Like all start-ups however we’re operating on a tight budget and with limited resources. Essentially that was the brief we gave Wilson Grey.
Thalamos - Mental Health startup

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