Supporting FinTech

Our clients range from early stage startups to scaling FinTech businesses, from Seed to Series C and beyond, throughout the UK and Europe. They help support customers in areas as diverse as insurance, financing, investments, proptech and payments. Working in the industry since 2016, we’ve built a strong talent network across FinTech 100 companies and exciting newcomers. 


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Ensuring your expertise

Focusing on the startup space, we provide businesses with talent that’s best matched to their needs. The candidates we represent are used to working in agile and, at times, uncertain environments and relish such opportunities. We help our clients quickly identify and secure the people who will take their business to the next level. Whatever your niche, we’ll ensure the people you hire have the expertise you need.

Building teams for the future

If you want to build award-winning teams you need to have a culture that’s right for everyone. We have the tools in place to review this with you and ensure that you get it right when hiring. We work with our clients to understand how new hires will either enrich their company culture or drive the change they may be looking for. Whether it’s already nailed down or yet to be defined, we’ll help you with this as part of the recruitment process.


What our clients say about us

One of the team

Understanding your business

Whether we’re helping you make key hires or build entire teams, employee retention is always on our minds. By understanding your business and values, we’re in the best position to guarantee a successful outcome for all parties involved. Our onboarding support and aftercare program means the transition from candidate to employee smooth and results in our clients having retention rates we’re proud of.  

Unlike some of the larger, inflexible recruitment agencies out there, we tailor our services to each client’s business. From the solution that is right for your needs to the payment plan we put in place and everything in between, we provide a truly bespoke service.

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