Key Hire

Key Hire is our one of our most popular solutions that helps clients recruit across their business. Covering UX/UI design and product management, development and software engineering, data science, sales, and marketing, we’ll help you hire key team members to compliment your existing team.

Key Hire in a nutshell
Key Hires is designed to help businesses recruit and retain the expertise they’re missing. Typically, at mid and senior level, these are the people without whom projects won’t get off the ground and deadlines will be missed. We can help you identify the talent gap in your team or save you time and effort recruiting a hard-to-find skillset if you’ve already determined what you’re looking for. 
Is Key Hire the right solution for your needs?

Key Hires is the solution you’ll want to consider if the following situations apply:

  • You have leadership in place and need to grow a team around them
  • You’ve said goodbye to a team member and need to replace them quickly
  • The business is growing and new roles have been created that need filling
  • You have a 3/6/12+ month strategic growth plan and need a steady talent pipeline to hire from at regular intervals

If it’s C-level leadership you need or to build an entire team quickly, our Executive Hire or Team Hire solutions may be more appropriate.

The benefits of Key Hire
  • Proven talent – hire candidates who have the relevant skills and industry experience to provide instant value to your business
  • Scalable – from a single appointment to several hires according to your timescales
  • Multi-team – Working across disciplines, we’ll help you recruit the skillsets you need the most
  • Considered – a solution that answers your needs today and tomorrow. You’ll hire the talent you need now that will develop and go on to lead your business in the future.
  • Trusted – a partner that feels like an extension of your own business, with a consultative approach ensuring new hires are a positive culture fit.

Case study

Key hire

We were engaged by a fast scaling HealthTech business to recruit their UX Lead. As the client works within a specialist field in digital health, their ideal candidate needed to possess relevant experience as well as being skilled in behavioural change design and psychology. We conducted a targeted search in addition to utilising our own network from which we ultimately identified the successful hire. However, our candidate was already under offer with another agency, requiring our client to move through their processes much faster than usual. By working closely with their own in-house team and making them aware of this, we were able to navigate a 3-stage interview process, offer and acceptance all within an 8-day timeframe.

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