Product design

All the clients we work with require product design capabilities of some sort. From early stage startups working with a fail-fast methodology to scaling businesses whose design teams are working on iterations of existing digital products and building MVP’s for new launches. Businesses succeed or fail on the strength of their products and need designers with experience of designing for different platforms. We recruit for specialists in UX Design or UI Design but mostly for full, end-to-end Product Designers and senior leadership from Lead Designer or Head of Design to Product Director and Chief Product Officer (CPO).

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What our clients look for

When hiring Product Designers, our clients like to see what platforms our candidates have designed for. Depending on the nature of their product, this could be mobile (Android and iOS), tablet or desktop. Specialising in the FinTech and HealthTech industries we often have requirements for designers who have worked in regulated industries and designed for diverse user groups. If you’re seeking a role as a Product Designer, spend time on getting your portfolio right, which can be online or in pdf. Clients accept that if you are in full-time employment you may not have had the time to update it, but make sure you it’s not too out of date. The key is to present your work in a logical, clean, and clear manner, showing your ways of working and approach. Be sure to cover every area you have been involved in, from user research and exploration to wireframes, prototyping, iterating and launch.

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