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Rather than leaving people’s details sitting on a database like most agencies, we want to be proactive in helping you make your next career move.

Our candidate snapshots provide you with the opportunity to put your skills and experience in front of leaders and hiring managers at tech startups and scaling businesses across the UK and Europe.

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If a hiring manager would like to review your full CV after seeing your profile, we’ll follow our standard practice of contacting you first to seek your permission before submitting your details. Please note we never share CVs without an individual’s expressed permission.

Stay relevant

We hope to find you your next role but if we don’t, please remember to let us know if you accept a new job or take a break from your search. That way we keep our platform relevant and avoid disappointing clients. We’ll also drop you a quick reminder each month to ask whether you still wish for your details to be displayed.

As this will be made public, please remember it is your responsibility to ensure your profile is as anonymous as you need it to be. You never know who may be browsing the platform so avoid mentioning too many specifics when it comes to projects, and focus on your skill set instead.

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Write a sentence on what sort of opportunity you’re looking for, e.g. “An early stage business that is looking to scale and a position that allows me to build and lead a team with career progression”
4 or 5 bullet points highlighting your key experience and achievements that will appeal to your target employer (when doing this, think about what makes you stand out from other people in your industry or with the same job title, what’s unique about your experience?)
Agree to post your profile publicly on our snapshots page
By submitting your profile on our platform you acknowledge and agree that any information you submit will be made public and that you shall be solely responsible and liable for any actions or claims that may arise as a result of you posting this information. We advise you to ensure that the information you submit on your profile is as anonymous as possible because we put you on notice there is a chance that your current employer may be browsing the platform and find your profile. As such, you should avoid mentioning specific projects or products you have been involved with and focus on your skill set and experience. If you would like any advice on this, just give us a shout and we will be pleased to help. However, it is in our sole discretion we provide this advice and we shall not be held liable for it.

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