Startup Recruitment Services

We understand that everything starts and ends with your culture. If you’ve got the wrong people in place who don’t live your values, you won’t succeed. If you plan to scale your business but don’t know the culture you need at each stage of your growth, or have the wrong people to lead it, you won’t get there either.

What we do

We work with startups and high growth tech businesses, helping them at each stage of their journey and ensuring they have the right people in place at the right time. We do this by helping you put your culture at the centre of your recruitment plan; the one you have today and the one you need to grow your business tomorrow.

Specialising in the tech sector, we enable you to hire the people you need for where you want your business to be and provide our candidates with the opportunities and challenges they’re looking for.

As you’d expect, we’re constantly nurturing a strong talent network within both Startup 100 companies and exciting disruptive newcomers. Whether you need to hire Senior Management, Engineering and Data teams, Product Managers and Designers or Sales and Marketing leaders, we’ve got you covered.

Operating across the UK and Europe we offer a range of solutions tailored to meet the needs of each business, each one providing you with a steady pipeline of talent. These include Executive Search for senior appointments, a Retained Service for scaling teams and Contingency if you’re trying us for the first time. On the Contract side, we can also help you fill urgent roles in under a day! Further details can be found here.

Our specialisms

Product Design
Product Management
Data Science
Senior Sales & Marketing
Fullstack Development
Senior Management

What makes us different?

Once we’ve consulted with you to identify the talent profiles you need to succeed and are confident we can help, we become your brand ambassadors. We work tirelessly to spread the word about your business to candidates who relish the challenges of working in agile and at times uncertain environments, who hold your values and who understand what it takes to produce products and services that truly delight customers.

Unlike larger, inflexible recruitment agencies, we’ve built our business model with startups and scaling businesses in mind and provide tailored solutions from the type of service you need to the payment plan that’s best suited to your business.

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out our client and candidate recommendations!

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Case Study

"I've worked with Wilson Grey on a couple senior roles now and it's been a real pleasure. Before understanding the ins and outs of the role, they have always made it their priority to understand the culture of our business first, which as a scaling company, is paramount. All feedback/guidance is always listened to with open ears, which ensures that each candidate sent through is excellent and a great fit. The process is also brilliant - constant communication means we never feel in the dark. It often feels as though Wilson Grey are simply an extension of our hiring team." Operations Director, Edited
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