Healthtech Recruitment Services

A healthy culture is vital for any business to succeed. What makes us different is we take the time to understand the culture you have today and help you hire for the one you need tomorrow.

If you’re an early startup, your culture may look very different from that of a fast-growing scale up. Whatever the stage of your business, we’ll help you ensure that your culture is at the heart of any recruitment process.

What we do

Simply put, we work with businesses that make a difference to people’s lives.

Before we can help any business though, we need to understand your company culture and business goals. Only then can we ensure you’re speaking with the right people at the right time to drive things forward.

When we’re not consulting with our clients, we’re busy nurturing a strong talent network across Digital Health and BioTech as well as the wider tech scence. That way we can ensure no delay in putting you in touch with your next star player. We cover a range of professions and take into consideration the needs of your business and any industry regulations you need employees to be familiar with.

Focussing primarily on the UK and Europe we offer our clients a range of services from Executive Search through to our retained service for building teams and are proud of our reputation for providing a quick and efficient contractor solution for urgent roles. Further details can be found here.

Our specialisms

Product Design
Product Management
Data Science
Senior Sales & Marketing
Fullstack Development
Senior Management

What makes us different?

Having a background in healthcare recruitment (non-medical, non-clinical) and specialising in the tech space, we understand the challenges you face in finding the right talent and how important it is to get it right first-hand. That’s why once we’ve consulted with you on your needs, we become your brand ambassadors in the marketplace. Covering Product, Design, Engineering & Data and Sales & Marketing, we’ll make sure we put the right people in front of you who’ll share your passion for you what you do.

If you’re a startup, we understand you’ll want a team that loves the challenge of working in an agile environment and that’s why we work hard to build a strong network of talent in this space. Likewise, a high growth, scaling business will likely need some people onboard who have been on that journey before and know what it takes to get there.

If you think you’d benefit from a flexible recruitment partner who’ll not only find you the right people for your team but also help you identify who you need to ensure a healthy company, get in touch to discuss our tailored recruitment solutions and how they can work best for your business.

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Case Study

"I've worked with Wilson Grey on a couple senior roles now and it's been a real pleasure. Before understanding the ins and outs of the role, they have always made it their priority to understand the culture of our business first, which as a scaling company, is paramount. All feedback/guidance is always listened to with open ears, which ensures that each candidate sent through is excellent and a great fit. The process is also brilliant - constant communication means we never feel in the dark. It often feels as though Wilson Grey are simply an extension of our hiring team." Operations Director, Edited
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