Team Hire

As with all our solutions, Team Hire is designed with startups in mind. Clients often approach us when they are closing a funding round and need to grow teams within their business. Our solution is to provide a service that can scale teams quickly and guarantee high retention rates.

Team Hire in a nutshell

If a startup is going to succeed, it needs the right teams in place at the right time. Whether that’s the designers, developers, and product team to build a product, or sales and marketing to launch and sell it. In providing a solution for multiple appointments, Team Hire is tailored to your specific requirements. This includes the candidate skillsets and sector knowledge you require to the timeframe you’re working within. We cover all the bases from cultural fit to ensuring high retention rates, and guarantee that together we will scale your teams at a speed which meets your demands.

Is Team Hire the right solution for your needs?

Situations where Team Hire could be a great fit for you and your business:

  • You’re about to close, or have recently closed, a funding round and are looking to grow 
  • You need to scale a new or existing team quickly
  • You’d like a single point of recruitment for dealing with your hiring needs
  • You want efficiency and uniformity in the hiring and onboarding process to ensure a great candidate experience and promote your brand

If this doesn’t sound like your current situation and you need to hire for a one-off role or a longer-term plan, check out our Key Hire solution.

The benefits of Team Hire
  • Responsive – a tailored recruitment plan that works to your timeframes and can respond quickly to spikes
  • Flexible – a recruitment function you can turn up or turn off to meet your needs
  • Market fit – a specialist partner in your industry who can introduce you to talent that will move your business forward
  • Understanding – a partner who feels like an extension of your own business, acting as a brand ambassador and ensuring a strong cultural fit among candidates
  • Budget friendly – only pay for services when you need them
  • Timesaving – a process designed to make recruitment fast, efficient, and fun so you can focus on running your business and leave the detail to us

Case study

Team hire

Following their Series A funding round, a FinTech startup approached us to scale their Sales & Marketing division. The challenge was to make five hires by a set deadline with people already working in their industry sector. Due to our client’s partner relationships, several businesses were off-limits, reducing the candidate pool significantly. By consulting with the client at the outset, we gained an understanding of their culture and required experience and agreed an action plan. We employed a search and select approach, managing the entire process from pre-screening candidates to assisting with onboarding and aftercare. Of the 28 CVs we submitted, 23 were interviewed, 9 offered and 7 accepted job offers. An increase on the original remit of 5 hires as a result of the level of service and quality of people we presented. 

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