At Wilson Grey we pride ourselves on offering the best service possible. See below our approach to helping you secure your next career move as well as testimonials from some of the people we’ve helped along the way.

Dedicated consultant

In order to provide the best service, we believe in the importance of having a dedicated consultant on hand with experience of the sector you’re looking to work in.

Understand your needs

Everyone’s job criteria is different and we get that. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll discuss your priorities with you and assign the consultant best suited to your needs.

Keeping you informed each step of the way

When you register with us, we’ll keep you posted on any opportunities that we think would be a great fit for you. If we represent you for a role, we also love getting you feedback too so we can both understand what opportunities are right for you.


You can be confident that your details will never be disclosed to clients without prior discussion with you. Likewise, if we are speaking with other people at your current workplace, you can rest assured your conversations with us are always confidential.

Go the extra mile

Finding a new job should be an enjoyable, painless experience. From interview prep and offer negotiations to helping you with travel & accommodation when needed, we go the extra mile.


Once you’re in a new full-time role we don’t just disappear. We’ll stay in contact, offering support and advice and keeping you posted on market trends.

For contractors, we love our weekly Aftercare Service, checking in to ensure your contract runs smoothly, helping with any issues and providing client feedback that sometimes gets missed when everyone’s working to tight deadlines.


Everyone we place receives their very own, collectible Wilson Grey mug. We know you guys work hard so want you to take a much-needed coffee whenever needed.

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I was really excited about the opportunity Wilson Grey presented me with, and the whole process only took two weeks! I'm absolutely loving my new role! - Digital Marketing Manager
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I found Simon of Wilson Grey a pleasure to work with, professional and a genuinely nice guy. The whole process was smooth and I was kept informed and felt comfortable at each step of the way. He is super quick with communication and would definitely recommend him!
- Senior Product Designer
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From our initial phone call through to my acceptance of a new position, their consultant was a friendly, supportive and committed presence, sourcing several opportunities that were extremely well matched to my criteria and going above and beyond to make sure I was well informed and prepared for interviews, case studies and offers
- Senior Product Manager
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As someone that has worked with a number of other agencies, I can say that Wilson Grey is a breath of fresh air to work with; they are friendly, honest and efficient - Senior Digital Product Designer
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I immediately realised that Wilson Grey was different to other agencies. They maintained contact throughout the entire process and helped me find the right job! Our communication has been extremely good, so I highly recommend them to any candidate who's seeking a truly professional recruiter - Product Designer
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I felt I could trust them from an early stage. They took time to talk to me about my qualities as a candidate and maintained close communication throughout the process, providing me with timely updates -
Deputy Chief Operating Officer
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Finally a recruiter that's helpful! It was refreshing speaking to a consultant who actually listened to my aspirations and what I wanted for my next role. I was updated through the entire process and felt comfortable asking questions and for advice from someone I could trust. I highly recommend Wilson Grey to anyone needing a professional and genuine recruiter - Business Development Manager
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I had a great experience with Wilson Grey. From the initial call through to the first day in the office, they were friendly, supportive and took a great interest in what I was looking for. I highly recommend them to any candidate who's seeking an active and supportive recruiter - Product Designer
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Having Wilson Grey as my recruiter, not only enabled me to get into a career I wanted quickly, based on their work efficiency and meticulousness, but also enabled me to get a trusted advisor in the process. I highly recommend them for those seeking a change not just into a new job but a different career altogether
- Partnership Manager